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SolarBites are now FREE! 

The thing is, let make it FREE for some time. With all functionality for first 100 user. Just 

It is first version, so play with it, use all features of SolarBites and if you find something bad, please, report bug. Or just send us a feedback.

If you are satisfied with our work or find SolarBites idea good in some way, you can support this project by donating some amount here.

In few weeks or months we will switch to intented packages with official prices.

Simple solar power prediction

SolarBites is simple service for predicting electricity production from solar systems.
3 days electricity production forecast every day directly to your email.

See today, what happens tomorrow!

Detailed forecast Daily report to your mail Setup multiple sites

See today, what happens tomorrow!

SolarBites is simple service for predicting electricity production from (mostly) small and offgrid home photovoltaic systems.
It sends 3-days electricity production forecast every day directly to your email.

Project and goal

Project is freely growing in group of 1 man. It started like one part of project in the field of solar energy. Later it transformed into the form of this service.
Main goal of this project is to easily serve simple information to deal better with our own consumption and to help solve some actual problems with solar electricity production.
And of course there are future plans - mobile application, new features, ever more meaningful data.


My university studies in the field of automation and control systems, later work on SCADA systems, data measurements, acquisition and processing or systems modeling gave me necessary experience and ideas.
Interest in nature, hiking and backcountry skiing inspired me to start projects in green energies with focus on using energy wisely and control its consumption. IMHO it is one underestimated way to preserve whole Earth.


Slovakia, Europe, Earth, Solar system, Milky Way.


Motivation for me was always desire to know, what happens in next hours and days, which is important in the field of renewable energy. It is useful (not only) for

How this works

Setup SolarBites
Setup multiple sites
View forecast
Detailed forecast
Recieve daily email
Daily report to your mail

Packages and prices


- 6 hour resolution, 1 solarbite, 2 weeks history. Free for all, only registration required

- 30 days after registration is trial period for you to try some functionality from PLUS package



- with upgrade to .PLUS You get 1 hour resolution, up to 5 solarbites, 1 year history, full statistics

- other small better things :-]




We can also arrange special account for you, with 1 hour resolution, unlimited number of solarbites and full time history


What is it for? Who is it for?


If You have questions or simply want leave us feedback, here is right place:



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